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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guy Sex-Anatomy Facts

Always good to clear the air of any misconceptions with some solid facts about the penis:
• Big guys don’t necessarily have big penises. A 6’5” basketball player could have a tiny gherkin-sized penis while a 5’3” shrimpy guy could be extremely well-endowed.
• Likewise, you know what they say about a guy with big feet? Well it doesn’t mean squat. Big hands and feet have nothing to do with penis-size.
• Hairiness (or lack thereof) has nothing to do with virility. Guys who are hairy or who are bald have a predisposition to be that way – it has nothing to do with testosterone or libido.
• Not all guys masturbate regularly. At least 5% pass on this daily activity.
• A veiny penis is totally normal; it is not a sign of infection, infertility, or impotence.
• Mountain Dew will not decrease sperm count. People used to think that yellow dye 5m and caffeine were responsible for a drop in sperm, but both theories have been debunked.
• Not all guys are circumcised and it’s becoming more popular to leave boys fully intact. In fact, 85% of men in the world are uncircumcised. In the US, every year the number of circumcisions drops, and is now only slightly more than 50%.
• The average erect penis is about 5” long. Any hard on bigger than that is considered big.
Erectile dysfunction is not a symptom of aging. Older people are more likely to get Erectile dysfunction because of other illnesses that they’ve acquired over time and because of medications that they may be taking. This is why young men can also experience ED and problems with impotence.
• Guys can fake an orgasm too. Unless a woman knows that a guy generally ejaculates bucket-loads, it’s possible for a guy to fake climax – almost as easy as it is for his partner.

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