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Symptoms of Low Testosterone Level

Depending upon age and other health conditions, the range of normal testosterone level varies widely. The standard range of total testosterone is 241-847 ng/dl. The normal range of free testosterone varies from 1.6% - 2.9%. Most of the men experience symptoms of low testosterone if their total testosterone is below 400 ng/dl and free testosterone below 2%.

The symptoms of low testosterone show up slowly. For this reason many of them neglect the symptoms of low testosterone. If the low testosterone level continues for a long time, it affects brain, muscles, libido, stamina etc.


The symptoms of low testosterone are as follows.

• Obesity and protrusion of belly.
• Loss of muscle mass.
• Depression, mental fogginess, irritability.
• Loss of concentration.
• Loss of energy and stamina.
• Decrease in facial and pubic hair.
• Low libido.
• Erectile dysfunction.
• Testicular shrinkage.
• Lack of sensitivity (numbness) in genital area.
• Reduced volume of semen.
• Premature ejaculation.
• Atrophy of penile muscles.
• Low testosterone may also lead to heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis.

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