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Semen analysis Normal values

Sl No Parameters Normal Values
1 Color Gray
2 Coagulate Yes
3 Liquefy Yes  (Within 30 minutes)
4 Volume (ml) 2 to 6
5 pH 7.5 to 8
6 Sperm concentration 20 – 200 (million/ml)
7 Grade of sperm motility:
Grade a+b (forward progressive %)
> 50%
8 Motile sperm count > 10 million
9 White blood cells < 1 million
10 Agglutination Nil
11 Morphology >30% normal forms








 Normal Hormone Values for men

Sl No Hormones Normal values
1 Testosterone 300-1100 ng/dl
2 Prolactin 7-18 ng/ml
3 Luteinising Hormone ( LH) 2 - 18 mIU/ml
4 Follicle Stimulating Hormone
( FSH):
2 - 18 mIU/ml


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