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Vajikarana Dravyas

The Vajikarana dravyas are divided into the following three groups:

1) Dehabalakara – Promoting physical strength, including that of semen.
2) Manobalakara – Enhancing mental powers needed to sustain long sexual acts.
3) Deh-manobalakara – Acts in both ways. (Promotes physical strength and mental powers)


Further classification of vajikarana dravyas is based on their action on semen:

1) Shukra vrddhikara – increasing semen. (Increasing sperm count and sperm motility)
2) Shukra srutikara – prompting the discharge of semen.
3) Shukrastambhan – delaying the discharge of semen. (Preventing premature ejaculation)


The ideal way to use vajikarana drugs is after gastric-cleansing (Detoxification therapy). This is normally done after inducing virechanas or gastric purgatives. Although this procedure doesn’t apply in all cases, an Ayurvedic doctor’s advice should still be sought before using any vajikarana therapies.

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