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1. Erectile Dysfunction Remedy Kit
Product Id - ( IEK)

 $45.00 USD
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2. Premature Ejaculation Remedy -Kit (PE-Kit)
Product Id - ( PEK )

$60.00 USD
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3. Complete Vajikarana Therapy kit
Product id : VJT

$145.00 USD
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4. Erectile Dysfunction Remedies -Oils  
OIL-1 - $22.00 USD
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OIL-2- $ 22.00 USD
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5 Erectile Dysfunction Remedies - Herbs

KAPIKACCHCHU ( Mucuna Pruriens)
Product Id- ( KK )
$30.00 USD
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( Asparagus Racemosus )
$30.00 USD
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6 Erectile Dysfunction Remedies-Herbal Compounds

Laghu musalipaka
Product Id- (LGM)
$35.00 USD
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Musali churna
Product Id- (MC)
$ 30.00 USD
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Ratna purusha lehya
Product Id- (RPL)
$30.00 USD
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Siddha makaradhwaja
Product Id- (SMD)
$60.00 USD
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Pushpadhanva rasa
Product Id- (PDR)
$30.00 USD
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Satavaryadi curna
Product Id- (SVC)
$ 30.00 USD
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7. Ayurveda herbs for weight loss and weight reduction  
  Herbal capsules DHC - Quantity 90 capsules
(weight loss)

Product Id- (DHC)

  $35.00  USD        
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  Herbal Compound MVD - Quantity 90 Tablets (weight loss)

Product Id- (MVD)
$25.00 USD
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  Garcinia Capsules- Quantity 60 veg capsules
contact drkrishnars@gmail.com

Product Id ( GC-1 )
Quantity : 1 bottles- $30.00 USD
Product Id ( GC-2 )
Quantity : 2 bottles- $40.00 USD
Product Id ( GC-4 )
Quantity : 4 bottles-  $58.00 USD

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