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The Effects of Smoking Cigarettes on Male Fertility

If you and your partner are having trouble getting pregnant and you think that you may be causing the issue, the first thing you should consider, if you are a smoker, is how smoking cigarettes can affect not only your overall well being, but also your fertility health.

1. Smoking can cause damage to a man's sperm. Researchers believe this is caused by the tobacco's damage on the seminal plasma, which is a liquid rich in nutrients that is found in a male's semen. Not only does smoking cigarettes do damage to the smoker's fertility, but it will also increase the chance that a male conceived by a smoker will have a decreased fertility level. Additionally, it is believed that a smoker that conceives may pass on certain genetic mutations to the baby. This sperm damage continues to increase the longer you continue to smoke.

  2. Smoking cigarettes has been shown to decrease sperm count. One of the main factors that results in a low sperm count is the fact that the smoker's body cannot retain the needed levels of the nutrients zinc, vitamin E, and B12, which are all essential to a healthy reproductive system.

 It is a fact that smoking will inhibit the body's ability to absorb these essential vitamins and minerals which could result in hormonal imbalance issues. Men who smoke could have up to a 15% lower sperm count than that of men who don't smoke. Sperm count has actually been greatly reduced all over the globe as a result of smoking.

3. A sperm's motility is also affected by smoking. The motility of a sperm is the ability of the sperm to swim fast and in the right direction in order to find and fertilize the egg. The sperm of men who smoke will have poor motility, meaning they will be less likely to get to or even find the egg to fertilize.

4. Smoking cigarettes has also been shown to affect a man's ability to maintain his erection. An erection occurs when the blood flows to the penis and creates muscle pressure that causes it to expand. Anything that interferes with this blood flow, which includes smoking, can potentially cause impotence. Most people have heard that smoking can cause a break down in the small blood vessels that deliver blood to the penis. If the blood is not able to flow to the penis freely, than an erection is harder to achieve, as well as, maintain. Therefore, it is essential that these small blood vessels are kept healthy because if the man is unable to achieve an erection than conception cannot take place.

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