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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tips to keep lungs healthy

1. Quit smoking and avoid persons who smoke.
2. Consume adequate nutritious food. This boosts the body immunity and lungs develop resistance to diseases
3. Exercise regularly for 45 minutes. This increases capacity of lungs.
4. Practice pranayam daily for 20 minutes.
5. Avoid weight gain and check obesity.
6. Keep your home free of dust.
7. Take deep breaths when you are sitting in office, bus or train. Deep breathing exercises detoxify your lungs.
8. Immunize your kids at right time.
9. Drink plenty of water.
10. Add honey to your diet. This keeps lungs free of infections.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Facts about testosterone

  1. Testosterone is a male sexual hormone.
  2. It is produced in testes in men. It is produced in little quantities in ovaries of women.
  3. Pituitary gland governs the production of testosterone
  4. Testosterone is muscle building hormone.
  5. It is responsible for development of secondary sexual characteristics in men like deeper voice, muscle mass, facial hair and development of male genital organ.
  6. It is responsible for libido in men and women.
  7. Testosterone increases body metabolism resulting in lower body fat.
  8. It helps in production of matured, healthy sperms.

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Natural ways to rectify ED

Age is not a reason to lose libido. Erectile dysfunction can be rectified by boosting blood circulation. Healthy thoughts, healthy diet and healthy life help in solving this problem. Here are few simple guidelines which help to rectify erectile dysfunction alternatively.
  • Consume a healthy diet which is devoid of cholesterol building stuffs. Increased cholesterol blocks the arteries of body and male reproductive system thus hindering blood circulation.
    Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, minor millets which are rich in fibers. Fibers help to flush cholesterol.
  • Consume plenty of water. Water detoxifies body by flushing toxins and rejuvenating cells.
  • Obesity leads to erectile dysfunction. Weight reduction helps to regain the last vigor and improve erection time and hardness.
  • Exercise regularly to burn calories and fight lethargy. Active life helps to combat erectile dysfunction. A brisk walk for 45 minutes daily helps to burn calories without much efforts.
  • Herbs like ashwagandha, kapikacchu help to rectify erectile dysfunction.

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Friday, October 09, 2009

What ayurveda says about alcoholism

According to ayurveda the diseases which cause erectile dysfunction are "Hritpaandurogatamakakaamalashrama..." - Heart diseases , anemia , asthma , liver disorders , tiredness .Apart from these the imbalance in tridoshas also cause impotence or erectile dysfunction. Ayurveda texts indicate that little quantity of madya or alcohol help to increase libido, hard erection and prevent premature ejaculation. But consuming this in large quantity destroys human body and his sexual life . When addiction develops to alcohol it affects liver and interferes in blood circulation. The triglyceride level increases and reduce the inner space of arteries. This leads to reduced blood circulation to genital area which leads to low erections.Read Complete article by David Buster at

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guy Sex-Anatomy Facts

Always good to clear the air of any misconceptions with some solid facts about the penis:
• Big guys don’t necessarily have big penises. A 6’5” basketball player could have a tiny gherkin-sized penis while a 5’3” shrimpy guy could be extremely well-endowed.
• Likewise, you know what they say about a guy with big feet? Well it doesn’t mean squat. Big hands and feet have nothing to do with penis-size.
• Hairiness (or lack thereof) has nothing to do with virility. Guys who are hairy or who are bald have a predisposition to be that way – it has nothing to do with testosterone or libido.
• Not all guys masturbate regularly. At least 5% pass on this daily activity.
• A veiny penis is totally normal; it is not a sign of infection, infertility, or impotence.
• Mountain Dew will not decrease sperm count. People used to think that yellow dye 5m and caffeine were responsible for a drop in sperm, but both theories have been debunked.
• Not all guys are circumcised and it’s becoming more popular to leave boys fully intact. In fact, 85% of men in the world are uncircumcised. In the US, every year the number of circumcisions drops, and is now only slightly more than 50%.
• The average erect penis is about 5” long. Any hard on bigger than that is considered big.
Erectile dysfunction is not a symptom of aging. Older people are more likely to get Erectile dysfunction because of other illnesses that they’ve acquired over time and because of medications that they may be taking. This is why young men can also experience ED and problems with impotence.
• Guys can fake an orgasm too. Unless a woman knows that a guy generally ejaculates bucket-loads, it’s possible for a guy to fake climax – almost as easy as it is for his partner.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Natural Tips for Treating ED

Though some consider it a touchy subject, erectile dysfunction (ED) is nothing to hide or suffer from in silence, whether you're a man with ED or his partner. According to the the US National Institutes of Health, the number of men with erectile dysfunction may be anywhere from 15 to 30 million men and more and more doctor's office visits by men are made to seek treatment for erectile dysfunction.
Fortunately, aside from prescription medications, men looking for alternative and herbal-based treatments to try have wide variety to choose from which may be promising for providing ED relief. For example, some have used the herb ginkgo biloba successfully for ED; ginkgo works by improving blood flow to the penile veins and arteries and is without many of the side effects of medications.
Other men with decreased libido take Indian Ginseng, a tonic herb that is capable of strengthening the body and is even used by some as an aphrodisiac. Believe it or not, the amino acid, L-Arginine is used by the body to create nitric oxide, the chemical that relaxes the blood vessels, in order to diminish erectile dysfunction.
L-Arginine is found in food sources such as meat, dairy products, poultry and fish. Some men suffering from ED often have a deficiency of the mineralzinc and a simple supplement of 15-30 mg daily can help to improve their symptoms. But before considering adding supplements and medications, men with ED should consider the research which shows that those men who exercise regularly are less likely to develop impotence as they age. Researchers at the New England Research Institutes of Watertown, Mass., studied 593 men, ages 40 to 70, and found that men who burned at least 200 calories a day, were less likely to develop ED than sedentary men, so even minimal exercise is helpful when it comes to maintaining ahealthy sex life.
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