How To Increase Sperm Counts And Semen Volume Naturally?

A sperm is the male fertilizing agent and plays a vital role in procreation. For conception to take place the sperms should be of good quality and quantity, healthy and of normal shape. At every ejaculation there should be at least 3-5 mL of semen. More the semen volume, more powerful will be the orgasmic contractions experienced. Studies have shown that for every mL of semen there should be at least 20 million sperms. Of these at least 75% should be alive and at least 30% should be of norma...

Who Requires Vajikarana Therapy ?

Who requires Vajikarana Therapy
In texts of Yogaratnakara the eligibility for Vajikarana therapy is very well explained. The following persons can undergo Vajikarana therapy. [sociallocker]1. A person who is interested in sex and sexual activities- Immense energy is needed for persons who are interested in sexual activities and who have intense urge for these type of activities . Such persons can undergo Vajikarana Therapy which contains Vajikarana herbs to boost their sexual energy level. 2. A man who is sexually ac...

Dual action of Vajikarana Herbs in Vajikarana Therapy

New researches have shown that anti oxidants which are available in plants and vegetables help to boost the male fertility. The foods we consume undergo lots of changes in body till they get utilized in our body. Oxidation is one such process.  Lots of free radicals get liberated during the process of oxidations. These free radicals damage the body cells and also accelerate the aging process. The tissues of male reproductive system are not an exception to this. The cells of male reproductive sys...