Fertility Diet – 6 Foods You Must Avoid When You Are Planning to Get Pregnant

For decades, nutritionists have been trying to find a way to make us change our eating habits and lead a healthy life. The truth is we are all reckless when it comes to the food we eat and need a very good reason to give up our unhealthy habits.

However, when a certain health condition establishes, it makes us ponder on life more than anything else. We are willing to change our habits completely if the doctor advises it. Such is the case with fertility problems, one of the main reasons why some couples encounter difficulty in finding utter happiness.

If you randomly pick up a fertility diet book, you will find that the food we eat can have a huge influence on our chances to conceive, whether we are women or men. There are foods that can help our body work properly and others that can make things go wrong. For those who are planning to have a baby and still haven’t had the chance to conceive, reading the following tips is a good start. They will help you devise a wise fertility diet plan and boost your chances to have a child.

A fertility diet plan, whether it includes Chinese supplements or not, is basically made up of 100% safe organic ingredients. Fresh foods and appropriate cooking can help us a great deal. But the results can be considerably improved if we know exactly what to avoid eating and drinking.

Unfiltered water
All fertility diet plans will draw your attention to the health hazards that unfiltered tap water can expose you to and will thus advise you to filter drinking water with any available devices in your area. Whether you drink water as it is or use it for cooking, you will feel a lot safer to know it has been properly filtered.

Dangerous fats
A very serious emphasis is placed on the quality and quantity of the fat we eat by contemporary fertility diet specialists. In order to ensure healthy eating and increase fertility, you must avoid certain dangerous fats such as trans fats that are present in chips, fries, chocolate, biscuits, doughnuts and different takeaway foods as well.

Animal derived Estrogens
Another category of elements that we must keep away from a good fertility diet plan is whatever may disrupt our hormonal balance. The hormones found in cow’s milk have been proved to cause infertility among different other inconveniences they account for.

Canned food
Preservatives must not be included among the elements of a healthy diet, let alone among those of the fertility diet. Stick to fresh vegetables and fruits and home-made meals if you want to help your body stay healthy and be able to conceive.

A good fertility diet will not include any of the elements that disagree with you. You must avoid allergens and treat any allergy that you already have (if any) before thinking of having a baby; allergies can jeopardize the embryo of a mother who may have become pregnant easily and will certainly affect a woman who is not pregnant yet.

Coffee and alcohol
You will certainly notice that fertility diet recipes do not contain coffee or alcohol. These two popular beverages can get you into trouble if you are trying to increase your fertility. They are known to cause miscarriages and even sap your immune system.

Vanessa Campbell ,timelessfertilitysecrets.com