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About Human Lungs

The Lungs are organs of respiration. They are two in number located in chest.  Oesophagus (food pipe), Trachea (wind pipe), heart and major blood vessels are positioned between two lungs. These structures which are situated between two longs constitute mediastinum . Lungs are covered by protective membrane called pleura. Lungs help to absorb oxygen from inspired air and expel waste gases of body through expiration. This exchange of gases takes place in small cells of lungs called alveoli. The oxygen thus absorbed is supplied to our body cells through blood. Body cells use this oxygen to produce energy.

In human beings the lungs function at peak levels in early twenties. This decreases age advances. The lung function decreases at a faster rate in smokers. Health diet and lifestyles are required to keep lungs fit and function efficiently. Ayurveda explains various lifestyles, diet and herbal preparations to keep the complete respiratory system healthy and devoid of diseases. The rejuvenating steps which are explained in ayurveda help to boost the immunity of respiratory system. Thus asthma, bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, repeated respiratory infections etc  can be kept at bay with these methods.


Asbestosis is an Asbestos Related Disease and May Be Considered As an Occupational Disease Too

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