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Piles or hemorrhoids Causes and Symptoms

Piles (hemorrhoids) are anal cushions which are three in number and located inside the anal canal. These soft, spongy pads contain a network of tiny blood vessels. When these soft pad or pads slip downwards due to various reasons the small blood vessels inside these pads become engorged with blood and the cushion swells up.

Types of Piles

First degree piles: These are swelling on the inside of cushion. These may bleed and can’t be seen outside the anus.
Second degree piles: These piles protrude from the anus while passing stools and return on their own later.
Third degree piles: These are similar to second degree piles and only return inside when pushed back in.
Fourth Degree piles: These permanently hang down from anus and can not be pushed back inside.

Causes Of Piles:

Diet: When diet is low in fibers, it causes constipation and hardening of stools. We have to strain to pass hard stools. This causes hemorrhoids
Age: As age advances the support to anal cushions loosens leading to piles.
Obesity: Over weight causes protrusion of anal pads leading to hemorrhoids.
Pregnancy: Fetus exerts extra pressure on anal wall causing protrusion of piles.
Hereditary: Inherited Weak anal cushions can cause hemorrhoids.
Occupations: Standing for a very long time can cause piles.

Symptoms of Piles or hemorrhoids

• Itching Around anus
• A feeling of incomplete emptying of bowels
• Discharge of mucous through anus
• Painless bleeding which soils inner wares.
• Swelling around anus.

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