Hi Dr. Krishna Rao Sir,
This is Suresh Here From Bangalore. I would like to tell You that the Wonder Drug that You Provided Me while I was suffering from Erectile Dysfunction(ED) has come to me as a Magical Formula. As a Result of which the Relationship with my wife had greatly Improved within the Last 18 months. I need to also tell You That I was Blessed with a Baby Girl in June 2007 To begin with, I am Suresh & I am an IT Professional Based out of Bangalore. I suffered with severe Erectile Dysfunction without Myself knowing about this Grave Problem.I was Married on April 2005 & later on I came to know about this Issue. As a result, I did my Initial Medical Check Ups Here in Bangalore & I was diagnoised with Mild Left Vericocele. I consulted a Few Urologists who said that I needed to Undergo a Varicose Surgery to Correct this Defect. I also underwent this Surgery but that did not solve this Grave Problem.Then by God’s grace, I searched the Net where I found AurHelp.com Website in Google & From Then onwards My Fortunes Have Changed. I contacted Dr. Krishna Suri & Savitha Madam along with My Wife & Briefed them about our Problems. They were Quick to React & analysed My Problem & came out with a Course of 3 months & which I continued for 6 Months which resulted to total Defect Correction. As I said before after this Medicine, I was able to recover & I was blessed with Baby Girl last Months. Hence I express my Sincere thanks to these Couples who are Guiding a Large number of Patients Like Us in Resolving This Type of Problems, Thanks Once Again Doctor.