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Erectile Dysfunction Complication of Low Testosterone

Familiar complaints of many aging men are changes within their sexual relationships. There are definite parallels between erectile dysfunction and testosterone levels. Not being able to perform at all sexually or not being able to have the stamina of times before is one of the more common complications of low testosterone. Many men lose the desire they once had to engage in sexual activity and see a swift decline in their ability to connect sexually with their partners.

Closely related to sexual and erectile dysfunction is self image. Depression caused by low testosterone levels can contribute to weight gain thereby diminishing self image. Testosterone helps regulate fat distribution so when there are drops in amounts of testosterone fat is likely to begin collecting in certain areas. In many men this happens to occur in the abdomen area.

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The Thing Doctors Don’t Tell You About Your Low Testosterone

There are benefits to modern medical treatment and modern science has come a long way to understanding what happens inside our bodies over time with aging and disease. But if we take a big picture view, we would properly appreciate that it was only a few decades ago that electro-shock therapy and lobotomies were routinely used to control negative behavior and that there have been many scandals where prescribed drugs have caused massive injury and damage to the population.

Least of all we should never forget the devastation caused with HIV because only 30 years ago all blood collection systems never used to test blood for viruses before using the blood products in unsuspecting patients.

When it comes to low testosterone levels, certain facts stand out as serious, dangerous and typical of the medical profession. The first is that there is a substantial reduction in average testosterone levels in men compared to the population only 80 years ago – which can be put down to the polluted environment and food processing methods of the modern-day. Secondly, low testosterone is the underlying cause of obesity, diabetes, low sexual function, as well as heart and circulation problems all brought about by low activity and fitness levels.

Thirdly, that by replacing testosterone with drugs you are telling your body to shut down all natural production of male hormones and instead to produce female hormones to restore the balance after testosterone injections.

This last point is logical when you think about it, but doctors do not ever tell you about it. In fact the issue is very serious, and is likely to result in the testes shrinking in size over time simply because they are not being used any longer to produce male hormones.

Naturally boosting your testosterone levels makes total sense. Tribulus Terrestris is one such remedy nature has provided us with, and perhaps not surprisingly the Chinese have been using compounds from the Tribulus Terrestris plant for thousands of years.

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Foods For Increase Testosterone Production

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. This hormone controls the sexual activities including libido, in men. Besides, the hormone has other vital activities too. The basic chemical composition of this hormone includes steroids which have significant physiological as well as psychological functions in men, especially the adult ones. Most of the libido pills available in the market contain steroid as the fundamental and functional ingredient.

The production of testosterone starts getting reduced as men attain the age of thirty. As they get older, the production of testosterone gets deceased gradually. As a result of gradual reduction in the level of testosterone, men suffer from a number of physiological and psychological conditions such as lack of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, acute depression, fatigue, low energy level and insomnia. Men suffer from these conditions mostly at their middle age. Men who are suffering from these symptoms must start taking libido booster or testosterone food.

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