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Natural Herbal Treatment for Azoospermia or Nil Sperm Count

Natural Herbal Treatment for Azoospermia or Nil Sperm Count Azoospermia is a condition also known as nil sperm count. It is the reason why many couples can’t conceive babies and it is a cause of frustration especially in young families.

Azoospermia means that a man has either no sperm in his ejaculate or he has absolutely zero sperm count. There can be many causes for this condition, but it has no symptoms at all. Men can only discover it when they notice they can’t make babies and perform a fertility test.

Once discovered, azoospermia is curable and you can regain your fertility. It is best to choose a natural cure or treatment for azoospermia or nil sperm count. In the great majority of cases, this condition is the result of a hormonal imbalance. Natural treatments are based on herbs that substitute the male hormones in the body and balance their levels. They increase the sperm count and also the sperm motility.

Natural herbal treatment for azoospermia or nil sperm count is mainly composed of ayurvedic herbs. These have properties similar with those of the hormones that enhance the sperm production. Tribulus terrestris is one of the herbs that cure azoospermia. It is used for many years in fertility related problems, low male libido and other sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction. Tribulus terrestris increases the level of estrogen and testosterone and also improves the blood circulation in the entire area, but mainly in the reproductive system and the urinary tract.

Safed musli is highly recommended by specialists in the ayurvedic medicine because it seems to have properties that improve semen count, semen volume and sperm motility. These are the main factors that affect the fertility in men. Safed musli is also helpful in a great variety of other conditions generated by a malfunctioning of the reproductive system. It seems to be increasing both fertility and performance in men.

There are also other ayurvedic herbs that treat azoospermia. Ashwaganda, shilajit and mucuna pruriens have good effects on the health of the reproductive system. They also have aphrodisiac effects. Mucuna pruriens is the most powerful aphrodisiac. It also increases the testosterone level and the libido, by stimulating the production of dopamine. Mucuna pruriens also has effects at the level of the nervous system, toning it and increasing sensitivity and coordination. Azoospermia or nil sperm count is entirely treatable with a natural herbal treatment.

As a general rule for avoiding this condition, avoid smoking, caffeine and alcohol, never wear tight underwear and avoid excessive heating of the testicles. Eat healthy and keep your weight under control.

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How to Increase Sperm Motility in 5 Easy Steps

Motility is a distinct characteristic of a sperm cell to move and swim towards the egg in order to stimulate fertilization. It refers to the strength and endurance of sperm cell thus, low motility most often results to male fertility problems. Several ways on how to increase sperm motility believed to be effective include eating the right foods and taking herbal supplements.

Here are 5 simple ways on how to increase sperm motility and combat male infertility.

1. By taking vitamin E supplement. Vitamin E protects the body against free radicals and unstable molecules that can damage our reproductive system.

2. Experts advise another effective approach on how to increase sperm motility through eating the right foods. Zinc rich foods such as oysters, help improve motility and maximize semen volume. Other food groups that are rich in zinc include liver, lean red meat, nuts and grains.

3. By eating selenium rich food. Selenium is used by testes to make selenoprotiens, a vital protein used to boost semen production. Examples of selenium rich food are eggs, brewers yeast, brazil nuts, seafoods and garlic.

4. By eating foods rich in L-carnitine. Sperm production uses an amino acid called L-carnitine. Medical reports show that sperm motility and quality are enhanced within the span of 4 months by increasing the intake of amino acid L-carnitine. Food groups that are rich in L-carnitine are lean meat, and dairy products.

5. By taking herbs like maca root and ginger. Both herbs have been used by other cultures and were proven to be non-toxic. It is used in traditional Chinese and South American medicine to prevent infertility in men.

The ways on how to increase sperm motility can’t be simpler! With a few dietary changes, herbal medicine and time, one can improve sperm motility and increase your chances of conceiving a child.

There are no magical drugs or potions that directly increase sperm motility. However many men have found using natural herbal supplements as a great approach on how to increase sperm motility. These special herbs, which are formulated to promote overall male sexual health, prove to be effective in helping sperm cells become more fertile and motile.

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Foods to Help Increase Semen Volume

You Are What You Eat:

>What to Include in Your Diet to Increase Your Semen Volume

The maxim that you are what you eat holds true when it comes to your fitness level as a person. But did you know that your diet can also have a positive effect to one particular aspect of your life that you want to improve? That is none other than your sex life.

Basically, one of the things that men look at as a problem regarding their sex life is that they find their semen volume to be quite lacking.  To increase semen volume is to generally up the ante in your sex life due to a number of reasons.

First, a high volume of semen load is something of a turn on for most women. It’s also a symbol of male virility, endurance and even fertility – that is why most members of the male species get alarmed if they find that the volume of their ejaculate seems to be lower than usual.

So how can you actually work to increase seminal volume? Again, it all goes back to your diet. By having a lifestyle which has a generally healthy diet, plenty of exercise and by keeping yourself hydrated at all times, it will be much easier for you to naturally increase semen volume without resorting to buying expensive pills.

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The Benefits of a Sperm Count Test

When talking about infertility, many people around the world still think it’s a “woman’s problem.” Over the past couple of years it is always women who have been the focus of discussion around infertility. But, what many people don’t know is the fact that over half the cases of infertility are caused by men. How can a man suffer infertility? Well, it can be caused by many things. In this case, it’s related to sperm count. But, first things first: what is infertility?

Infertility is the inability to conceive after at least one year of unprotected intercourse. Since most people are able to conceive within this time, physicians recommend that couples unable to do so be assessed for fertility problems. In men, hormone disorders, illness, reproductive anatomy trauma, and low sperm count can be the cause of infertility.

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3 Ways to Boost Male Fertility

Infertility in men is a rising trend. More and more couples are finding it difficult to conceive and the chances of men being infertile are 50/50.

Low sperm count and unhealthy sperm are some of the main reasons behind infertility in men.

However, there are some natural ways that can help boost fertility in men.

3 Ways to Boost Male Fertility

1. Stop Smoking

Smoking and infertility in men go hand in hand.

Smoking results in a low sperm count- Men who smoke can have a sperm count which as much as 15% lower as compared to non smokers. Basically, smoking affects the absorption of vitamins and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, vitamin B12 etc., that are important for a healthy sperm count. Not only this, it also affects the production of testosterone and low testosterone levels can lead to a drop in your sperm count.

Smoking affects Sperm Mobility- What it means is that it affects the ability of the sperm to travel through the vagina to reach the egg so as to fertilize it. Smoking affects the ability of the sperm to make this journey. This reduces the chances of conception.

2. Quit Drinking Alcohol

Just like smoking, alcohol can also affect your fertility.
Increases Estrogen- Alcohol tends to increase estrogen levels in your body. This tends to lower testosterone levels leading to a drop in your sperm count. There can other effects as well such as atrophy in testicles, development of male breasts and even low libido.
Reduces Sperm Count, Affects the shape and health of the sperm etc.,

3. Natural Semen Supplements

Natural or herbal semen supplements are packed with time tested herbs and other essential nutrients that not only increase semen production but also ensure the production of healthy sperm. They also helps boost sperm count and give a boost to your fertility.

Some of the best semen enhancers contain zinc, l-arginine, l-carnitine, fucus vesiculosus, ling zhi, ka gua etc.,

Zinc is extremely important as far as increasing fertility is concerned. There are studies which reveal that when sub fertile men are give zinc and folic acid supplements, they experienced an increase in their sperm count.

Such supplements not only helps boost the production of semen and fertility but also give a boost to your libido or sex drive. Another benefit of such supplements is that they can help ensure harder and powerful erections.

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