10 Tips To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction has been with us for ages causing problems for men (and also their partners) around the world. ED is a repetitive inability to achieve or maintain an erection strong enough for sexual intercourse.

As men get older the occurrence of erectile dysfunction increases. Approximately 5%  of 40-year-old men and between 15 and 25% of men over 65 experience erectile dysfunction. Alone in the USA more than 15 million men suffer from ED. But it doesn’t have to be solely related to age.

You can prevent erectile dysfunction by changing your lifestyle slightly. This is the „easiest“ way that will cost you nothing but strong will, although it takes longer until the results occur. Abide by the rules below and you will have the chance to build a healthier life overall not just to prevent ED.

Just follow these simple steps:

[sociallocker]-Exercise regularly – the Harvard Health Professionals  Follow-up Study found that men who do some exercise 3 to 5 hours a week face 30% less risk  of having ED. Regular exercising keeps your heart fit and also maintains  the normal blood circulation (especially walking, running, biking).

Stop smokingsmoking causes narrowing of blood vessels, blockages occur  that affect the required blood flow in the penis thus making the erection more difficult.

Reduce the excessive consumption of alcohol – avoid drinking more than two alcoholic drinks a day if you are a man or more than one alcoholic drink per day if you are a woman. Alcohol has a significant impact on your nervous  system and it also damages your blood vessels thus affecting the sexual function.  The same goes for drug abuse.

Get appropriate nutrition – try to avoid foods that contain saturated fats (cholesterol) and sodium. The best option would be a diet rich in fresh fruits,  vegetables, fiber and whole grains. You should concentrate on a diet that is  friendly to you heart as ED is often related to circulation problems.

Maintain sexual activity – actually, it is a matter of frequent erections that  stimulate flow of blood in the penis.

Control your stress and fatigue – although this is not an easy task you should try to manage your stress, which belongs to one of the most important psychological  causes of ED.

Get sufficient sleep – without sleeping long enough your body will be under stress  and anxiety for the rest of the day and if this persists a longer period, the stress will definitely have an effect on the proper function of the penis. 8 hours of sleep  a day should be fine with adults.

Start doing Kegel exercises – this is a simple exercise usually performed by pregnant women. To perform such exercise you’ll have to tighten and release the pelvic muscles,  which are responsible for the control of urination.

Take care of your anxiety and depression – to get rid of depression or anxiety it is  best to seek a doctor’s help.

Regularly check your blood sugar – optimal blood sugar levels may prevent the complication  of blood vessels and nerves that usually cause erectile dysfunction. Ask your doctor  for advice.[/sociallocker]

But talk to your doctor first if you feel you might have problems with maintaining an erection or you would like to try out some of the erectile dysfunction medications.

By – Ales Institoris, buycialisonlineorder.com

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