5 Tips for Coping With Premature Ejaculation

For some, lovemaking is like feeling heavenly and there’s unparalleled joy and excitement while they are lost into the world of sensuality. On the other side, the ones suffering from early climax feel it difficult coping with premature ejaculation. Unfortunate enough, these men keep finding excuses and try to avoid sexual intercourse, especially the foreplay. The sole reason behind this is premature ejaculation and nothing else! They cannot extend the play and come quite earlier than expected by their sexual partners. Are you one of those not favored by the god of love? Read on to learn techniques that help coping with premature ejaculation…

Coping is not as easy as it sounds. On the other hand, you do not need to know alpha and omega of male reproductive anatomy and physiology to overcome it. Just follow simple instructions and adopt a few remedies as directed that help you battling and wining.

5 Tips for coping with premature ejaculation:

Tip #1: The white species of onion is said to be natural aphrodisiac as found in ancient texts of healing science of Ayurveda. Components in this kind of onion contain natural enzymes that help tempting the brain’s center for sexuality control.

Tip #2: Spices such as clove, pepper and garlic too contain special enzymes that are found in men’s body when they are aroused. These spices are kind of herbs that prolong the play of sexuality and help coping with premature ejaculation.

Tip #3: For coping with premature ejaculation, try this -take 150 gm. of finely chopped carrot, half boiled egg and a tablespoon of honey. Mix them well and have it once in a day for about two months.

Tip #4: Black raisins are considered to be potential man libido booster and hence used in treating premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and low libido. Raisins with lukewarm milk are beneficial in awakening the sexuality in men with low libido. Also, they help strengthening male reproductive organs that in turn, make them capable coping with premature ejaculation.

Tip #5: Like herbs, there are certain vegetables described as natural aphrodisiacs, especially for men. Vegetables such as eggplant, ladyfinger and sweet potato are considered to ensure the release of certain sex hormones in men. Try this -take approximately 3 gm. of ladyfinger root powder and mix it with 2 tsp. of sugar candy; keep this solution for 5 minutes and drink it once in two days. Practicing it for 3 months makes you capable coping with premature ejaculation.

Nevertheless, diabetics should not opt for this remedy.

Apart from above mentioned tips for coping with premature ejaculation, there are other techniques that control the brain and so the excitement during lovemaking. Yoga, meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques) help train the brain and hence the practitioner can expect improvement in extending the time for foreplay and main-plays. Also exercises such as Kegel’s exercise is thought to be beneficial in coping and practicing it strengthens the pelvic muscles that play important role in controlling the orgasm.

By -Juan Lara , prematureejaculationtreatment.info

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