Best Kept Secret of Sexual Derangement

Studies show that an estimated 400 million men and women worldwide suffer from impotence and libido loss and that less than 10 percent of them seek treatment.

That is because centuries long the doctors had little to offer. The last decades there have been large changes and nowadays good, effective treatment is available for nearly each sexual dysfunction. As usual more focused on men than women.

And all those people need help? I don’t think so!

Towards, my idea tendentious, reporting, sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry, the whole world is suffering and therefore new products becomes available. You can not live without! Your life has come to it’s end. Not bad , but also short sighted.

Two recent Dutch studies have shown that with aging more men report problems, but at the same time men don’t experience the dysfunction as a “stand alone“ problem. Conclusion: there are millions men with erectile dysfunction which has absolutely no problem. And we must not talk men and women into the problem also.

Causes of sexual dysfunction can be physical and psychological, you can read a lot of this on the internet. Most common are diseases, which can be diagnosed, and problems in the relation, stress at work.

But what about this?

We like to stay and look and behave young, but with aging, it is well known that the erections become less hard, the ejaculations less powerful and less intense, libido loss occurs also. Living habits can work also negatively. Drinks, much food, much smoke, little physical exercise.

Finally, also sicknesses, medication and environmental pollution can be responsible. But there are large individual differences and that probably the character of the man and woman plays a very important role. My recommendation: don’t let anyone talk you into a sexual dysfunction.

And if you feel the need for treatment, look further than only pills, which will affect your whole body. Many new harmless, but effective aids are available out there these day’s. Look for them, despite of the aggressive marketing of the rich pharmaceutical companies. There is more out there. Be wise, be happy and healthy.

Author : Maria Adelaar

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