Daily routine to overcome erectile dysfunction

All men experience erectile dysfunction at one or the other time when they are sexual active. There are many causes behind this. The process of erection includes involvement of nerves, arteries, muscles and soft tissues. It happens through a series of responses from these tissues for the stimulation. Any break in this chain of responses can lead to erectile dysfunction. Even damage to any of the tissues and organs mentioned above can cause erectile dysfunction.

The most important causes of erectile dysfunction are stress, obesity, increased cholesterol, smoking alcohol, working in shifts, few medications, addiction to recreational drugs etc can cause erectile dysfunction. Almost all systems of medicines explain about sexual dysfunction. They also suggest the remedial measures according to their principles.

Here are few tips to overcome erectile dysfunction. These have to be incorporated in daily routine.

  1. Always rise early. This keeps your mind and body fresh.
  2. Drink a glass of warm water with a dash of lemon and a spoon of honey stirred into it. Consume this in empty stomach.
  3. Keep a habit of emptying bowel as soon as you wake up. Constipation can also lead to erectile dysfunction.
  4. Practice deep breathing exercise or paranayama for at least 15 minutes in early morning. This helps to focus your mind and increase attention span.
  5. Go for a brisk walk for 30 minutes daily. This helps to burn excess calories.
  6. Take a healthy diet which is devoid of high calorie ingredients. Intake of high calories leads to obesity which is the main cause for erectile dysfunction. A well planned weight loss program helps to shred excess fat.
  7. Include green vegetables and fruits in your diet.
  8. Practice Yoga and Meditation at least thrice a week to reduce stress.
  9. Plan your next day programs on previous night. This helps to reduce confusion and stress at work place.
  10. Reduce consumption of alcohol and number of cigarettes.
  11. Taper consumption of coffee, sweets and deep fried foods.
  12. Do not carry workload to bed room.
  13. Drink a glass of warm milk before going to bed. This helps to supply calcium and fat necessary for production of male hormones and catalyzing enzymes.
  14. Keep your bedroom neat and clean. A tidy and clean bed room helps to relax. A relaxed mind always helps in successful sexual activities.
  15. Take weekend breaks to relax and enjoy with family.

This article is copy righted. The author Dr.SavithaSuri is an Ayurvedic Physician and web master of http://www.ayurhelp.com

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