Diabetes Impotence – What You Must Know

Diabetes is a disease that effects over twenty million of people in just the United States alone, not to mention over two million in Canada and statistics similar to this around the world. Among those who have diabetes, over ninety percent have type 2 diabetes. This disease can cause a number of health problems including heart disease, kidney disease, eye problems, nerve damage and diabetes impotence. In fact diabetes impotence affects of eighty percent of men with diabetes.

Diabetes impotence also known as diabetic erectile dysfunction can lead to various other emotional and sexual health issues. This article explains why it happens and possible solutions to this very pressing issue.

First of all, we must consider what this disease actually does to cause diabetes impotence. Among various factors, we can pinpoint the main reasons this happens to most adult males with diabetes.

First of all, diabetes causes many problems including nerve damage, vascular damage which creates unhealthy blood flow and weak blood vessels, and then combined with unsteady blood sugar levels and a touch of nervous tension and anxiety with stress, it makes absolute sense how easily this can effect us. The worse part about it is that diabetes erectile dysfunction can create a paranoid fear that can make it that much harder to achieve an erection. This creates a seemingly ending downward spiral.

So what can you do to effectively fight diabetes impotence?

First and foremost, consider the basics. Food and exercise and proper rest are key components to your health. With keeping these in check alone you can make a significant change in the way you function. In fact, this can help with such things as nerve damage, vascular damage, weak blood vessels and decreasing stress which is often the very root of the problem with diabetes impotence.

It is extremely important that you stay within a strict diabetic diet, followed by proper rest and a consistent sleeping pattern followed by just a little bit of exercise daily. Now this exercise doesn’t mean you have to run a marathon every day, in fact that would most likely be counter productive. You should start with a little bit of exercise daily (like briskly walking around the block) and move up from there.

It is also extremely important to get informed on various methods of treating diabetes impotence. Read articles, books and publications on things that you can do that can help you cure diabetes impotence. Erectile dysfunction is not a disease you have to live with. There are answers to almost every health problem and through knowledge and taking action you can take one step further to a diabetes impotence cure.

By Jenny Smith and Gabriel Killian, diabetes-answers.com

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