Dual action of Vajikarana Herbs in Vajikarana Therapy

New researches have shown that anti oxidants which are available in plants and vegetables help to boost the male fertility. The foods we consume undergo lots of changes in body till they get utilized in our body. Oxidation is one such process.  Lots of free radicals get liberated during the process of oxidations. These free radicals damage the body cells and also accelerate the aging process. The tissues of male reproductive system are not an exception to this. The cells of male reproductive system also get damaged to these circulating free radicals. Body struggles hard to fight this damage. The stress faced by body to fight free radicals further damages the body cells. Thus a vicious cycle of stress and free radical production sets in.

The antioxidants from plants and plant parts prevent these free radicals from damaging cells of body. These antioxidants stabilize the free radicals and prevent damages to body cells. Thus a diet rich in antioxidant vegetables is absolutely necessary to maintain optimum health.

Ayurveda acharyas recommend a number of herbs and plants to increase fertility of men. These plants are known as Vajikara dravyas. These herbs not only contain antioxidants but also contain nutrients required to increase sperm production. They prevent damage caused by free radicals to tissues and cells of male reproductive system. The double action of Vajikara herbs rejuvenate the tissues and also help to increase the sperm count and motility.

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