Erectile Dysfunction from Nadidosha

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem now a days, increased prevalence credited to environmental and food toxins. The toxins manifest into various disease states, which we term as root causes. Without knowing root cause, home remedies can be tried but they may not address the issue in long term. Foods which enhance testosterone, zinc, C-vitamins all are helpful for short term. Same thing can be said about suggestions about yoga asanas

While science tries to link ED with hormones, vascular problems etc, the spiritual ayurveda has different reasoning. ED is a deficiency in fertility. Fertility is directly related to bio-energy, chi or Prana, another name for sexual energy. Hence yogi’s who carry out tantric breathings, other techniques have enhanced it. In all the phenomena in universe, peaks are short lived or are unstable. The on-set of instability can occur when energy stored in one state crosses a certain limit. Hence yogi’s are vulnerable to the loss of this energy, the classical example of Sage Vishvamitra exists in mythology.

There are certain formulations of mercury, sulphur (considered sperm and sexual essence of Lord Siva and Godess Parvati respectively) and various other aphrodisiacs which help attain good energy.However, they many a time act like a whip, the body develops saturation limit to which it can be whipped.

Recall what happened to intial Viagra users. It demands stronger and stronger formulation to achieve same level of performance. Many such formulations are pedaled across the counter in Indian market. Patients get addicted to these, and need for stronger and stronger formulation arises slowly.

Best way is to meet a vaidya, who can determine root cause of the problem, which may include the stress also. The antihypertensives, anti-anxiety, anti-convulsants should be jettisoned first in such cases, as they are culprits. Long term use of anti-convulsants caused MS like symptoms (in addition to ED) in one case which approached this author. The detoxification stretching over 25 weeks could restore partial ability. Alcohol, sugar, smoking can be equated to allopathic poisons directed to CNS, and some common approaches can be devised. However, it can be stated that each case is unique, and requires individualized approach.

There is another side to this problem, not addressed in any texts of ayurveda, hence the need for this article. Modern science invented the transplant of heart, kidney other tissues etc. In order that the transplanted organ, tissue becomes accepted by recipient, certain blood match is essential. In the same way, blood match in the form of natal moon star is required when Indians marry. This test is termed “Nadi dosha”. Since sexual fluids mix, their match has been studied by ancient sage, and rules have been given in astrological texts. Of course, there are exceptions under certain conditions, as given by Sage Garg, (see Garg Samhita) which are not known to many astrology practitioners.

The effect of nadi dosha is to reduce fertility in one way or the other. While in animals, there are pheromones to ensure that only properly matching animals mate, Humans lost their sense of smell, and matching the couple is now mostly based on material factors rather than sexual compatibility instinct. (Aswini, Aridra, Swati, Mula and Satbisa do have strong sense of smell as exceptions). Astrologers are also over-ruled. The result is of course short socially acceptable associations and extra marital relationships.

Based on the experience of this author’s Guru, author and his friends researching the principle of nadi dosha, it can be stated that:

In couples with “Aadya” nadi dosha, the Vata unbalnce surfaces in wife. Her ability to deliver normally suffers and she has to consent for C-section. Moreover, premature menopause is also likely in most cases.

In couples with “Madhya” nadi-dosha, pitta dosha unbalances for husband
occur. Frequent miscarriages are also possible. ED or premature ejaculation
develops slowly. Elasticity of pelvic muscles also becomes weak for female and union is no longer enjoyable.

In couples with “Antya” nadi-dosha, Kapha dosha becomes unbalanced and
immunity of both partners suffers. Sex frequency reduces significantly. The
physical attraction also becomes weak. Loss of libido is mostly observed.

There can be exceptions, since above observations consider only moon match. Moreover, nadi dosha gets softened depending on exact placement of moon in natal star. Aspect of Jupiter on moon, softens the fertility damage significantly.

Many couples admit that their fertility problems started only after marriage. Why the apathy, loss of physical attraction, lack of orgasmic bliss develops? God has his own choice which we overrule by material factors. A senior doctor in a mission hospital in South India had married with Nadi dosha present. His daughter became a doctor and married an Indian surgeon working in NY city hospital, the best materialistic match. Nadi dosha was present again, thus became squared.

Both became professional experts. Their son was born mentally retarded and died
at age 12, by a sudden stroke. They did not get any issue further as wife faced premature menopause. None of the medical reports could explain why son became
mentally retarded when parents were Gold medalists, why wife developed premature menopause. Friends, this is not an anecdotal case. Several cases are existing in the memory of this author, where nadi dosha manifested in corrupted or reduced fertility. If rules of statistical theories hold, 30% marriages come under nadi
dosha, if nadi dosha is not used as a constraint. But Indians do follow astrological advise, and could that be the reason for higher fertility in India compared to rest of urban world?

By Dr. Shirish Bhate

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