Erectile Dysfunction – Libido Spiced Up With Antioxidants

Although there are several causes of erectile dysfunction this condition is commonly associated with chronic diseases such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease and others. Free radical damage and oxidative stress are pathological processes that underlie most chronic degenerative diseases. They are also largely responsible for the erectile dysfunction associated with these conditions.

Initiating and sustaining an erection depends on a number of physiological process; the most important of these being an adequate blood flow to the corpus cavernosum (the principal erectile tissue in the penis). This in turn depends on normal functioning blood vessels that supply blood to the penis and its erectile tissue.

An erection cannot be achieved without the action of nitric oxide on the blood vessels of the penis and its spongy corpus cavernosum. The erectile process is initiated by the nervous system – either through a spinal reflex (when there is direct stimulus to the penis) or by way of nerve signals from the brain. The relevant nerves, when stimulated via either pathway, release nitric oxide from their nerve endings in the penis.

However, the maintenance of an erection depends on the nitric oxide that is release from the endothelial lining of the penile blood vessels. If the blood vessels malfunction as a result of disease processes such as heart disease and diabetes the individual concerned will not be able to achieve or sustain an erection.

Endothelial function is curtailed when free radical damage and oxidative stress occurs – as it always does in these conditions.

Recent studies have found that antioxidants can reverse endothelial malfunction thereby improving blood flow to the penis. They do this by neutralizing the free radicals responsible for oxidative stress and endothelial damage in the relevant blood vessels.

Researchers have shown that antioxidant supplements can improve erectile function by 35% in the presence of poor endothelial function due to diabetes or metabolic syndrome. Sildenefil improves erectile function by 45% in these conditions while a combination of antioxidants and sildenefil acts synergistically to enhance penile blood supply by 50%.

As antioxidants are crucial in the prevention and treatment of heart disease, metabolic syndrome and diabetes, it is not surprising that they help associated conditions such as erectile dysfunction as well.

The evidence is clear that antioxidants play a vital role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. When it comes to naturally occurring foods in the diet spices have the highest antioxidant activity of all food groups including fruit and vegetables (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition July 2006 and US Department of Agriculture 2007).

It goes without saying that if you add more spices to your diet not only will you improve your general health but you will spice up your sex life too!Say spices for libido .they are natural libido boosters for men

Author – By Keith Scott M.D. ;

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