Exercises to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Exercises to prevent premature ejaculation is the only reliable, safe, and healthiest way to have a satisfactory sexual relationship with your partner. During a sexual intercourse one always knows when he is going to ejaculate and in just 2 to 3 seconds you have to decide to carry on the sexual intercourse or to stop.

Unluckily, not all men can control their penile stimulation and ejaculate before achieving some level of sexual satisfaction. Here at this point of extreme frustration on both sides, your sexual partner begins to doubt your masculinity and you lose your confidence that is most essential for penile erections. ‎Most men resort to fast acting medicines available in the market to recover their lost masculinity but very few are aware that they are risking their health as a whole. In fact nothing can be more dependable but exercises to prevent premature ejaculation.

Exercises to prevent premature ejaculation can be very simple and easy while concentration being the only requirement to get the desired results. There are two common exercises, when practiced in unison, are proven and tested to help men recover from early orgasm problems.

Masturbation Exercise: Masturbate in a normal way but stop before climax. Just relax a bit and then repeat the process again and again but do not ejaculate. The exercise aims at controlling sensitivity of penis. Eventually in a matter of days or weeks this will help to establish control over climax.

Breathing Exercise: As we all know that when near orgasm, our heart beat and breathing speeds up. Slow breath will lower the heart beat and so it becomes more easy to avoid an early orgasms.

Erection of penis and its ejaculation directly depends upon blood tension and both the methods helps to control it. A combination of the above two methods are the first of a set of exercises to prevent premature ejaculation and a workout on regular regular basis can assure the desired results. Exercises to prevent premature ejaculation also have a positive affect on general health as well besides enhancing male sexual power.

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By Waseem Dar, harderectionregained.com

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