Food For Sex? – Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

Food is usually for thought I know but sex can be a lot more fun. The main premise here is that many people (men including) are not aware of what the main causes of the most common sexual dysfunctions really are. Bad eating habits and high cholesterol. This is one of the most basic ways to battle the problem of sexual health. Good eating habits and proper food for sex can be a wonderful way to motivate people into better health. It also happens to be 100% true.

No one ever shares the good stuff about eating more healthy foods and some of the more positive reasons behinds staying healthy. Amazingly, it is not common knowledge that certain health concerns and eating habits are the direct cause of E.D. (Erectile Dysfunction). I would bet that if this information was made a little more public and to the right target audience, we could have a much healthier America in no time at all.

High cholesterol is known for causing heart attacks and stroke. They tell this to older men and women to scare them into a healthier diet and living. Why not use the same tactic on the younger generation. No one really suggests that high cholesterol is asymptomatic of e,d, or Erectile Dysfunction. If someone would have told this to most boys, at the right time, I bet they would stop eating all the fried junk right then and there. Prevention is the best medicine. It really is a great motivation for a healthier diet and to help people to avoid eating foods that are fatty and high in cholesterol.

It makes perfect sense though when you stop to think about it.

High cholesterol causes people to have those always scary, heart attacks and strokes. What causes these heart attacks and strokes are the clogging of the arteries. The clogged arteries are basically a lack of blood flow to the organs. What is the male sex organ basically made up of when erect, blood flowing through the vessels. When you constrict the blood flow to the organs, then the damage is done. This should be common knowledge but it is not. This is the way to motivate people into better eating habits.

An easy way of getting things up and running again is, to obviously stay away from foods that are high in fat and cholesterol, exercise regularly, and eat lots of vegetable and fruits. Now, we should start with the teenagers and get them motivated by tapping into the right hotspots. I have never heard any of this until I got pretty far into my research on the subject of everyones’ favorite topic, SEX. Why not get more of this information out to the general public?

Author: Addison Prescot ,

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