Garlic Can Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a concern for everyone today. It is a leading factor in many diseases. High Cholesterol has been linked to Heart Disease. It is a major concern for anyone who has a family history of Heart problems. In addition to Heart Disease, high cholesterol is a problem for other ailments. Organ damage and other severe damage can be the result of high blood pressure, and high blood pressure can sometimes be associated with High Cholesterol even thought it is not always.

Most chemical treatments have possible side effects. This is a reason why many people decide to go with an alternative method. Garlic is one method. It has the ability to both lower blood pressure and cholesterol without the side effects commonly found in prescription drugs. The typical drug treatment is called a statin.

Studies have found garlic to be most effective in raising LDL cholesterol and lowering triglycerides. The studies have not found garlic to be as effective in lowering HLD. However, this is important in a good way, because HDL and triglycerides are the bad cholesterol. By raising the good cholesterol, you are improving your overall health. An added factor is garlic thins the blood.

Atherosclerosis is an effect of high levels of bad cholesterol. This causes terrible negative effects to the body. Long-term high cholesterol and high blood pressure that often go hand in hand can lead to not simply heart disease but organ problems. Stress upon the kidneys and liver

The chemical component in garlic that is beneficial and powerful is allicin. In order to get the benefit of garlic you should consume it weekly in food or in supplement form.

Supplemental garlic has developed a long way from its beginnings. There are deodorized garlic supplements that one can take which do not give you the typical garlic breath that many people are concerned with. There are de-odorized forms of the supplement that can be taken with no smell. One of the benefits of taking supplemental garlic is that you may consume the needed quantity at your leisure. You do not have to wait for the opportune time in order to take.

There are different opinions on how to take garlic. Some people suggest that you should eat raw crushed garlic. The studies have found that by crushing the garlic clove, the allicin becomes more available to the body. The reason to consume raw garlic as opposed to cooking it is that whenever you cook any food the nutrient content is somewhat lost. This is debatable and it is important to know that if you cannot eat raw garlic, or if you simply don’t enjoy the taste, you should be comfortable with eating cooked garlic or taking supplements.

With whatever method you choose you should realize that conventional medical treatments might not be the best choice for you. There is some worry among the health community about the possible side effects of taking statins. These concerns can be eliminated by looking into taking   garlic supplements as an alternative method of lowering cholesterol.

Author: Jonathan J Roberts ,

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