Health Benefits of Tribulus or Gokshura or Gokhru for Men

Health Benefits of Tribulus or Gokshura or Gokhru for Men

Gokshura or Gokhru is tribulus terrestris. Texts of ayurveda praise its health benefits as Vrushya and Vajikara (aphrodisiac). It is eulogised as a supplement to boost testosterone.

Tribulus terrestris is also known as Gokshura in ayurveda. In India it is known by another name Gokhru. Vast research is going on about the health benefits of this plant . This herb is also praised by ayurveda acharyas as vrushya and vajikara (aphrodisiac). This is regularly used in vajikarana therapy.

Tribulus Terrestris is used as an herbal supplement to improve a variety of factors in life. There are quite a few reasons why it is recommended instead of pharmaceutical drugs or other herbal supplements that are available on the market.

Gokhru Improves Testosterone

First,gokshura or gokhru it improves the testosterone production in each individual. Testosterone increases the ability of the body to build muscle and strength. For many people, strength is something they need more of. Increasing testosterone naturally is a safe method to do so without needing additional drugs or supplements. (Read 2 best ayurvedic testosterone supplements for men above 40 )

Tribulus does not have any side effects

Some men are not blessed with as much of this hormone so a safe effective way to do so can be the answer. The only other option that many people have is to turn to steroids and these can increase the levels of testosterone in the body to astronomical levels which have the potential to be dangerous and have harmful other side effects such as increased anger or using too much. Tribulus Terrestris cannot physically be overdosed on so you don’t have this fear.

Second, Tribulus Terrestris is certified to be one hundred percent anabolic and natural. When purchasing and using this, you don’t have to worry about any fillers being thrown into the mixture. You are only getting the plant extract and not any additional ingredients which could be harmful or have side effects that are undesirable. It is not a potent chemical and therefore large amounts of it are completely safe to consume.

Gokshura boosts sexual energy

Third, Tribulus Terrestris is often included in sexual enhancement drugs as an additional ingredient to help. However, you don’t have to take pharmaceutical drugs to improve your sexual enhancement. You can take the supplement without additional medications and still get the same desirable results. Not only does it increase libido but it has been tested with groups of people and more than seventy five percent had an increase in their sexual excitement levels. Ejaculation amounts or quantity of semen were also improved by one to two milliliters along with the sperm in the ejaculation. This has been also thought to increase male fertility as a result but no tests were conducted to back up these claims. It certainly cannot hurt to try though. Fourth, since Tribulus Terrestris helps burn fat and create muscle, your energy levels can improve.

Gokshura Helps in Weight Loss

General weight loss can improve this but using a supplement will cause the results to happen faster with less effort. Obviously, the more you do the better your results will be but supplements that do no harm to your body can only aid in your efforts.

Fifth, but certainly not last, Tribulus Terrestris does not have any ability to overdose so it can be played with. For some people a gram will do while others may require five times that but it can adapt to fit with your personal goals and body. Each individual can play with their dosage and adjust it accordingly. Someone who is taking the supplement to improve sexual enhancement will take a different amount than someone who is working on body building or weight loss.

By Robert Melkonyan

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