How Smoking Increases Risk of ED

How Smoking Increases Risk of ED

smoking can increase risk of Erectile dysfunctionMany of us know that inhaling tobacco smoke can do many negative things for our health. But something that we may not realize is that it can be keeping us from being able to get an erection. That’s right, erectile dysfunction is accelerated by the use of tobacco products, specifically smoking. Lets take a look at some of the ways that smoking can heighten the risk of having problems with erectile dysfunction.

One of the first things that can happen when you start smoking cigarettes is a decrease in lung capacity, which makes your body work harder to be able to breathe. Smoking can tear away at the alveoli in your lungs. These are air sacs that help transport oxygen to your blood. If these alveoli are destroyed, then less oxygen gets transported to your blood. Your blood flow is vitally important to sexually health. If you can’t get good circulation, then your erections will suffer also.

The reason that your circulation will affect your erections relates to the anatomy of arousal and erectile ability. Your penis needs blood to become hard so if you can’t get good circulation, then you won’t be able to get an erection. Therefore, tobacco products, particular cigarettes and other smoke-able forms of tobacco can greatly increase your risk of erectile dysfunction.

Another thing that smoking does to raise the chances of erectile problems is to make your more tired. Smoking drains your energy because of the extra work that your lungs have to do because of the damage done from inhaling smoke. Cigarettes and tobacco can cause emphysema, causing the lungs to hold in carbon dioxide. This is what makes it difficult for smokers to catch their breath. If your lung capacity is down, you will not be able to enjoy a sex life that is free from problems.

Having an erection requires blood. In the circulatory system of a smoker, blockages in arteries keep blood from flowing freely. This makes it extremely difficult for the body to establish a decent erection. Oxygen and blood go hand in hand and there must be one of each to establish a good and healthy circulatory system. Smoking hurts both of these functions in the body making it difficult to enjoy a healthy sex life.

With all of the negative effects of smoking tobacco products, erectile dysfunction is one that should be noted when you are considering your personal health. Remember that you are not only damaging your lungs, but your blood’s oxygenation and therefore your sexuality and all of your other organs.

Author :Paul A Buchanan

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