How to Increase Libido and Testosterone Naturally
how to increase libido and testosterone

How to Increase Libido and Testosterone Naturally

how to increase libido and testosterone
how to increase libido and testosterone

In order to raise libido in men, it is important to increase testosterone production. This is because it is the chief male hormone and the production of this hormone declines with age leading to low libido and even erectile dysfunction in men.

It is needless to say that erectile dysfunction can be a terrible experience for any man.

However, there are some simple ways to raise libido and testosterone in men naturally.

To boost the level of testosterone naturally is observed to be a safer way rather than using synthetic testosterone to increase up the testosterone level. Here are few tips to increase libido and testosterone naturally


[sociallocker]Intake of rich protein food enhances the hormone glucagons and anabolic responses are very much important for ample release of testosterone.

Intake of Fruits & Vegetables more and decreasing the carbohydrate food which are rich in simple sugars and starches as it produces insulin and cortisol which clash against the testosterone productions and weakens it.

Eating essential fats like omega 3 fatty acids which are usually found in fish and flax seed and saturated fats are important for regular production of testosterone. Cholesterols are must for every steroid hormone for its making as a diet which is lacking in fats can lead to testosterone decline.


Idleness and excess physical performance affects the male hormones in a harmful manner. As per the experts 45-60 minutes of workout are measured to be perfect and would enhance the testosterone production to the wanted level. Workouts over the perfect time would lead the body to create cortisol which restrains the production of testosterone.


Stress is a vital factor which can affect testosterone level severely. While under stress, the body creates adrenalin, or adrenalin 1000 and cortisol and all anabolic processes come to a halt. As in stages when gets stressful, it acts like life and death situation and the body doesn’t need building muscle, to have food or sexual urge. Body wants vital life energy for anabolic process and testosterone level, for the purpose you want to adapt a healthy lifestyle with sound sleep and should relax.[/sociallocker]


The testosterone level can be stimulated with natural herbal supplements with a healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

Supplements like REJUZOA the erectile dysfunction capsules and Vajimix the Vajikarana Herb Mix which include potent libido increasing herbs like ashwagandha, mucuna , safed musli , Tribulus etc help to enhance your libido naturally. The combination of these act as complete anti-aging supplement for men. It not only helps boost libido in men but can also ensure rock solid erections. It can also help improve your body composition, elevate mood and improve sleep quality.

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