Knowing Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is a condition that is affecting more and more males across the globe, with recent statistics claiming that between 25 and 40 percent of males will suffer this condition at some point in their lives. It is not a new condition, and is known by other names as well, such as ‘Early Ejaculation’, ‘Premature Climax’ and also ‘Rapid Ejaculation’ depending on the severity and symptoms of particular cases. In general, however, aside from the varied symptoms that can occur, on it’s most basic level, Premature Ejaculation means, “A lack or loss of control over ejaculation”! More studies, performed recently by a group known as Masters and Johnson, stated that, “as a rough indicator, a premature ejaculation sufferer will usually reach orgasm before their partner on more than 50% of the time”!

There is, however, debate amongst other researchers about this stated definition and it’s accuracy, and instead have offered alternative definitions that they feel are more suitable. The more suitable definition being presented now is that “Premature Ejaculation is a condition causing men to ejaculate two or less minutes of penetration”! This takes care of any inconsistencies, with partners who have a higher sexual endurance level than average, which would also cause men to ejaculate before their partner’s more than 50% of the time. Other research performed by a Doctor Alfred Kinsley, is known to have shown that up to 35% of males would ejaculate during sexual intercourse, within approx 2 minutes of penetration, and these results were taken in the year 1950.

After all the opinions and definitions were cast out about Premature Ejaculation, the general consensus seemed to rest firmly on one definition that suited most cases, and which is commonly taken as the general definition for Premature Ejaculation, being, “Premature Ejaculation is the direct result of a lack of control over ejaculation during sexual activity and that leads to either a mental or physical obstacles in either the man or his partner in the relationship”!

In earlier times, it was commonly believed that Premature Ejaculation was caused, solely by, psychological issues, however in more modern times, medical specialists have began to recognise the biological issues that can also be tied to this condition. It has also been shown that many of the cases of Premature Ejaculation in males are also linked to the similar condition in men known as Erectile Dysfunction, where the man finds difficulty either forming or maintaining an erection.

With the amount of sufferers of Premature Ejaculation, now reaching very high numbers, the focus of most sufferers, quickly turns to one simple question, “What can be done to solve this problem”? Luckily there are some very well proven products on the market that can help anyone to overcome this condition. There are many therapies out there that seem to have good reports back about them, but as with any condition that has many varied symptoms and cases, there are also many available options and some products work better than others depending on the particular case.

In most cases, Premature Ejaculation is a direct result of over stimulation during intercourse. For this reason, one of the available options for sufferers, is what is known as, anti stimulation creams, and other products that aim in directly on reducing the amount of stimulation felt by male during intercourse. Depending on how sever the case may be, this effect can also be produced for the male by wearing more than one condom during intercourse, however, this is known to be irritable to some partner’s and so is sometimes not the best solution.

Of course, creams and other products, are not always the best choice for everyone either, and there are natural solutions to Premature Ejaculation that can be practiced either alone during masturbation or with a partner during sex. One such practice is called ‘The Squeeze’ and involves either the male or his partner, squeezing the head of the penis, with the thumb on the connecting skin at the tip and right under the head of the penis and the finger on the head, as pressure is applied. This position is held until the urge to ejaculate has subsided and sex can then continue on. This step can be repeated until the male is ready to ejaculate.

There are also many other possible solutions that you may consider taking to solve this problem, however the ones listed above are some of the more commonly used techniques. As said earlier, different cases, will react to different solutions in different ways, and so the best advice that can be given when considering a Premature Ejaculation Solution, is to try a few and then stick with the one that seems to work for you! Don’t despair there is always a solution there for you, whether it be a therapist, a cream or other product, and extra condom or natural exercises, until you try you will never know what effect these treatments will have for your particular case!

Author: Allan Street

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