Link Between Erectile Dysfunction and Low Testosterone
Testosterone Deficiency and Obesity

Link Between Erectile Dysfunction and Low Testosterone

Testosterone Deficiency and Obesity
Testosterone Deficiency and Obesity

The principle male sex hormone is testosterone. This hormone is mainly secreted by testicles and a small amount is secreted by adrenal glands. Testosterone helps to build up muscles. It helps in development of male secondary sexual characteristics like beard, mustache, body hair etc.

Endocrinologists opine that there is a link between erectile dysfunction and testosterone level in blood. They indicate that there is a delicate link between obesity, diabetes, increased blood cholesterol, high blood pressure and low testosterone level.

The level of testosterone in men, start declining after the age of 30. At this stage many men start experiencing low libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and dissatisfied sexual encounters. Low levels of testosterone can affect sexual interest and natural performance,

Solely, low testosterone level does not cause erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is more commonly related to changes in blood flow to the penis, changes in penis muscles, nerves, high blood pressure, diabetes, atherosclerosis, smoking ,elevated cholesterol, and medications

Low testosterone causes metabolic syndrome, obesity, depression, and loss of sensitivity of nerves (especially in male genital organ), atrophy of penile muscles, shrinkage of testicles, low energy level, loss of stamina and concentration. Metabolic syndrome caused due to low testosterone leads to type 2 diabetes, blood cholesterol level and heart and vascular diseases. All these factors lead to loss of libido and erectile dysfunction.



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Ayurvedic Remedies to increase testosterone
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