Never Do these six things when you have Diabetes

Never Do these six things when you have Diabetes

diabetesThe dos and don’ts with food in diabetes are many. Here are six important dos and don’ts for diabetes which have to be followed to keep healthy in this condition.

Don’t eat junk foods– Junk foods provide only calories they never contain any essential nutrients. Hence don’t eat junk foods. Instead take healthy diet which is rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains. But watch your carbohydrate intake. Limit Sugar and fat.

Don’t Miss Vitamin B12:  Deficiency of Vitamin B12 worsens diabetic neuropathy. In diabetic neuropathy the nerve endings in skin get damaged and affect the sensation of touch  and pain in hands and feet.

[sociallocker]Don’t Smoke – Diabetes leads to complications like heart disease, stroke and circulation problems. Smoking adds to the risk of developing all of these things. In some cases, smoking can double the likelihood of these conditions, as well as doubling the chances of suffering from kidney problems and erectile dysfunction related to diabetes.

Don’t skip Meals – In diabetes the sugar level keep on fluctuating. When meals are skipped it leads to hypoglycemia or low sugar in blood. This surfaces with symptoms like sweating and shakiness.

Don’t Consume Alcohol:  Alcohol when absorbed in body affects the neurological functions. It acts as a toxin to nerves. This worsens the diabetic neuropathy. Due to alcohol the liver gets stressed. There will be a deficient intake of nutrients when a person consumes alcohol. Nutrition deficiency worsens the symptoms and health risks of diabetes

Don’t avoid fiber diet: Eat as much whole grains as possible. Include vegetables and fruits which are rich in fiber. This helps to keep the bowel movement normal and also reduce cholesterol. Diabetes accelerates aging process. The antioxidants in these green vegetables and fruits slow down aging process.

Don’t be a coach potato: Increase your physical activity. A moderate physical exercise like walking helps to control fluctuating blood level and boost blood circulation to all parts of body. Regular exercise aids weight loss and helps to keep obesity at bay.[/sociallocker]

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