Premature Ejaculation – Stress is the Bad Guy

I wrote an article awhile back that talked about using masturbation to help relieve the stresses of the day. In view of that, I would like to tell you that studies show that having a stressful day can and does cause premature ejaculation.

We have all heard about performance anxiety and how you can be a superman until you start thinking about your sexual performance and then all of a sudden you now suffer from premature ejaculation. And, it may not go away.

While there are many suggested methods to cure this situation, the bottom line is you have to rid yourself of anxiety and stress. Worrying about your performance is a clear indicator that you will probably perform poorly and/or quickly.

Stress starts in the mind and it causes fear and doubt. Whatever the mind is thinking and creating, the body is sure to follow. So a stressful day may very well produce a stressful evening.

While it is impossible to wipe out stress completely, it is possible to learn to control it, instead of it controlling you. Learn to avoid the negative situations that you have control of.

For example, quit hanging out around the coffee machine when other disgruntled employees are being negative. Avoid the newspaper and other media filled with stress-filled stories. Change your mental environment to rid it of a lot of the unnecessary stress. Prepare to make your mind “fit” again.

The mind isn’t the only thing that needs to be fit. your body’s physical fitness level is just as much responsible for high stress as your mind. If your body is overweight and out of shape, this causes added stress in the form of poor self-image. You may see yourself as unattractive and now your mind tells your body to act as such.

In summary, it is important to have a fit mind and body. By having this, you will alleviate a lot of stress. Control your environment and eliminate unnecessary garbage that causes worthless stress. Maintain your mental and physical health and more than likely, a healthy sex life will take place. Eliminate stress and you eliminate premature ejaculation.

Author: Calvin J Husker ,

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