Raising Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

As a bodybuilder, you are probably looking to raise your testosterone levels. Many men unfortunately choose to take steroids and controversial supplements. While these do have some medical uses, long-term use is not recommended and there are much healthier, natural ways to go about it.

Bodybuilders who want to increase their muscle mass need to eat foods that are natural estrogen suppressors. Since estrogen produces body fat, the less you have of it the more you will have of the lean muscle created by your higher testosterone levels.

The best way to boost any chemical in your body and promote the health we all want is diet. Exercise is important too but without a healthy diet, all the exercise in the world won’t help. Learning what foods are better than others for production of this or that chemical can help you to achieve any results you want with your body.

There are plenty of foods that can help increase testosterone. Garlic is one but you must make sure to eat actual garlic rather than take supplements because the supplements have little to none of the compound allicin, which is what boosts the testosterone levels. Eggs, especially the yolks, are also good because they boost your cholesterol, which also produces testosterone.

Anything containing the mineral zinc will help produce muscle mass, which boosts testosterone. Oysters are one food that you should include because of the high levels of zinc they contain.

Monounsaturated fats like those found in nuts, olive oil, and peanut butter are also good for increasing testosterone in men. It’s not known why but some scientists think the monounsaturated fats have an effect on the testes.

Once you’ve got your diet straightened out, focus on exercises. Things like walking aren’t going to benefit you much but activities like weight lifting are great. Focus on exercises such as squats and deadlifts that work multiple sets of muscles to get the best effect.

Other ways to naturally raise your testosterone are having sex, especially in the morning, getting plenty of sleep, and limiting the amount of alcohol you drink. Having sex boosts the testosterone production, as does sleep. At least seven to eight hours of sleep a night will help keep you in tip top shape. Alcohol reduces the amount of testosterone produced so drinking too much of it isn’t a good idea if you’re trying to bulk up.

A healthy lifestyle and activities combined with certain foods and a lot of exercise will help you to boost those testosterone levels naturally and build up that muscle mass before you know it.

Author : Barry Crenshaw , Fitness Trainer

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