Weight Loss Tips For Men Over 50

Weight loss tips for men over 50 need to be carefully considered because there are special considerations for men of this (or any other) age. In this article, I’ll share with you three of my own personal tips that helped me to lose 50 pounds of weight myself. They should be able to help you too.

Tip 1 – Only Moderate Exercise
Men at your age should not suddenly start to do vigorous exercise. In fact, anyone who is overweight is not supposed to, according to what doctors say.
Not to worry though, because exercise is not the key to losing weight. But it can help accelerate your weight losses and make you feel better and keep away your hunger pangs so it is no bad thing.
I suggest nothing more vigorous than walking or riding a bike.

Tip 2 – Count Your Calories
Some people say that you should not count your calories. I disagree! It really helped me to count calories when I first started to lose weight.
Know what your maximum is. At your age, you probably need around 2,200 to 2,400 calories per day.
To lose a pound of weight per week, you should have a daily calorific deficit of around 500 calories so this means eating no more than 1,700 to 1,900 calories per day.
This is a rule that you must adhere to. At least, if you cheat then you know you are cheating. This rule cannot be easily bent so this is a good thing!

Tip 3 – Take It Easy And Slow
The more of a shock a weight loss effort is to you then the less likely you will be to succeed. If all the above sounds daunting to you, then just take it one step at a time.
e.g. forget the exercise to start with and just start by cutting 200 daily calories from your diet.

By James Lipton ,einfolearning.info

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